• Enhance team collaboration.

    Collaboration solution to make your company thrive from collective intelligence.

  • The magic formula

    Spark interaction and collaboration in meetings, trainings and corporate events.


    A connected box to learn and work everywhere


    A collection of activities in a unique Solution


    A touch of magic


  • Replace boredom with motivation

    Interaction, collaboration and efficiency measurement functionalities.


    Review basic modules

    • Who's Who
    • Document reader (PDF,photos,videos)
    • Question Wall
    • Brainstormer
    • Word Cloud

    Enhanced dynamics

    Exclusive functionalities

    • Buzzer
    • Reveal Photo
    • Photo Story


    Measuring efficiency

    • Assessment
    • Quiz &LivePolling
    • Rating
    • Self-assessment
    • Skills map
    • Data collection for analysis and follow-up
  • The Magency Box®

    Take the Magency Solution and all its advantages wherever you go!

    Connect up to 20 participants in all kinds of professional meetings

    • Meetings
    • Brainstorming sessions
    • Workshops
    • In-class and in-field training sessions, in dealerships, etc.
    • Small seminars
  • The Solution's advantages

    Great reasons for choosing Magency


    Economic results


    Concrete measurement of your ROE and ROI, thanks to data processing.


    Large capacities


    Large-scope deployment, operations up to 5,000 participants.


    Breakthrough innovation


    An ally for your company's digital transition and developing working methods.


    Assessment: a major bonus


    Skills map and subsequent adjustment of training programs.

  • Magency's spirit

    Creators of a solution for collaboration bring a touch of magic to the workplace

    A Touch of Magic at Work

    As a French start-up created in 2011 by Vincent Bruneau, Magency is the leading French stakeholder in digital SaaS solutions for professional meetings.

    6 years after its creation, Magency is a world leader in the corporate events sector.


    "My first job was as a magician, and I was always fascinated with the positive emotions magic could create in the audience: surprise, joy and a great deal of interest. Naturally, I wondered how I could inject some fun and magic into a company, and namely into meetings. The Magency Solution stemmed from this idea..."

  • Where to find us

    A touch of magic worldwide


    60 Rue de Wattignies
    Bâtiment B, 5ème étage
    75012 Paris, FRANCE


    26th Broadway
    10004 New York
    New York, USA


    First AP Mita 201
    1-5-5 Mita, Minato-ku
    Tokyo 108-0073, JAPAN