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Multimedia Agency is the leading provider of comprehensive marketing solutions in Iraq since 2013, dedicated to developing businesses and organizations of all sizes, and helping them achieve their marketing and branding goals. 

We specialize in developing modern marketing strategies that are tailored to our client’s vision, aiming to captivate audiences across a variety of platforms and in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

As a leading Outdoor Advertising agency, we excel at leveraging OOH to amplify your message and ensure its reach to your desired demographic. With our cutting-edge multi-purpose studios and impressive mega studio, our experienced team brings your vision to life with precision and creativity.

We further stand out as the only agency with an exclusive in-house Innovation Department. With an unwavering focus on advanced AI, cutting-edge technology, and ML we guarantee your business maintains a competitive edge in our fast-evolving world.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of specialized services to fully create a compelling, unique, and customer-centric brand. Our comprehensive services include Digital Marketing, Printing, Event Organizing, Video Production, Voice-Over Recording, Social Media Management, and more.



Establishing a hub where visionary minds meet to bring their ideas to life through innovative approaches.



Provide a dynamic hub that empowers visionary individuals to transform their ideas into reality through strategic and innovative marketing solutions. We aim to cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, enabling our community of thinkers to drive positive change and bring impactful ideas to life.


the team

sima azad


sura najm

hr director

bland khalid

public relation officer

Hastyar hussein

business director

alan ahmed

key account manager

Saif salahaldeen

creativity director

shahla qasem

accounts payable supervisor

ranj yousif

lead innovator

husam safaa

outdoor & Media supervisor

dersim hasan

documentary manager

mustafa shihab

baghdad operation manager

zanyar rebwar

sulaymaniyah field operation

inan mohammad amin

pr officer

aso hama ameen

north ooh officer

lavin ghafour

events & sponsorship specialist

zana qadir

digital platforms specialist

yousif haitham


sara abdulqadir

media monitoring

nura bilal

Event Coordinator

mustafa abdulkhaliq


bilal ghazi


dara salim

duhok operation officer

taha miyasar

mosul field operation

harith muthanna

baghdad operation officer

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