• Bring more innovation to the table during your internal events!

    Turn participants into actors during your event

  • Brighten up your internal events

    A comprehensive set of functionalities for original seminars



    The perfect guide to your event

    • Centralize all practical information and useful documents linked to the event.
    • Manage the list of participants in a mobile and reactive manner.


    Key group moments

    • Break the ice, create relationships. 
    • Encourage interactivity and participation.

    • Keep your main goal in mind: conveying messages in a natural and easy-to-remember way.



    Capitalize on your event

    • Full export of all interactions and data
    • Vote results
    • Questions and feedback
    • Quiz results
    • Challenge + commitment scores
    • Statistics and production export.
  • The Magency Solution

    Innovative functionalities to make internal events more dynamic

    Information & Autonomy


    Ensure easy access to information about your event.

    Communication & Networking


    Encourage meeting and talking to new people.

    Involvement & Interactivity


    Captivate employees and customers and retain their loyalty.

    Workshop & Collaboration


    Strengthen cohesion & participation.

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