• Fun and efficient training...finally!

    Reveal and magnify talents, and retain employee loyalty.

  • Learning and teaching like never before

    Give yourself the means to revolutionize learning and measure its efficiency

    Advantages for participants

    • Boost participants

    No more lack of attention thanks to simple and efficient activities: surveys, quizzes, brainstorming, etc.

    • Reinforce collaboration

    Help participants work better together by turning your standard workshops into involving and collaborative activities.

    • Solidify learning with hands-on experience

    Fun and participatory educational modules to improve memory.

    Advantages for instructors

    • Total independence

    Centralize all your documents and teach your sessions from anywhere, even without Internet connection.

    • Innovate in the way you teach

    Launch your content and sequences on the participants'phone or tablet,or on the big screen. Manage and adjust according to reactions and results.

    • Assess your participants

    Analyze how your class has progressed in a simple manner,thanks to quizzes and assessments.

    Advantages for the company

    • Manage skill enhancement

    Map out your employees' skills to adapt training programs to their needs.

    • Measure the efficiency of your actions

    By collecting and analyzing data, measure knowledge acquisition, satisfaction and ROI for your training courses.

    • Learning cycle

    Certification system that complies with new training provisions.

  • An easy-to-use solution

    A daily habit


    Consultancy and training


    The Magency Academy is committed to training you so you can work with the tool autonomously.


    Service quality


    Our Customer Success Managers ensure the success of your projects from A to Z.


    Nothing to download


    Accessible on smartphones, computers and tablets, with no prior installation required.


    Cloud mode


    Make interaction between the different members of your company easier, even remotely.

  • The Magency Box®

    Teach and learn anywhere with the Magency Box®

    The new essential tool for instructors

    • Plug & Play 
    • Cloud: all training contents and activities.
    • Connected: teach outside the classroom or in-field.
    • Self-sufficient: 5h battery life.
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